13th Chime- The Lost Album

13th Chime- The Lost Album

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Label: Sacred Bones

Released 2009

With their blend of dark driving aggression and sparse arrangements for a brief moment in time the band seemed poised to breakout of the day to day of slogging it out in clubs and onto the international radar but through a series of mishaps ended up a footnote and dissolving into obscurity. In the liner notes which told of the 13th CHIME’s formation and brief ascent as deathrock contenders it was noted that there was a number of recordings that were intended for a full length release and were subsequently shelved at the 11th hour due to record company politics. Sacred Bones Records is now proud to bring to light the long-lost lp. After languishing in the vaults for several decades the 13th CHIME full length finally sees the light of day.

Track Listing:

  1. Two As A Couple
  2. Sarah’s Got A Chainsaw
  3. House Of Laughter
  4. Fire
  5. Radio Man
  6. Help Me Street
  7. Keep In Pace
  8. Sally Ditch
  9. Hide And Seek