1782 / Acid Mammoth- Doom Sessions Vol. 2

1782 / Acid Mammoth- Doom Sessions Vol. 2

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Label: Heavy Psych

Released 2020

Italian Import

Heavy Psych Sounds is proud to announce a series of split albums called Doom Sessions. We are going to release a bunch of compilations with doom bands from Heavy Psych Sounds roster featuring some of the heaviest bands of the world doom scene. Each volume hosts two bands. Vol. 2 is a split album 1782 and Acid Mammoth. 1782 is premiering three brand new tracks "Bloody Ritual", "Hey Satan" and "Witch Death Cult". Acid Mammoth is releasing three new tracks too: "Black Wedding", "Sleepless Malice" and "Cosmic Pyres".

Track listing:

  1. 1782 - Bloody Ritual
  2. 1782 - Hey Satan
  3. 1782 - Witch Death Cult
  4. Acid Mammoth - Black Wedding
  5. Acid Mammoth - Sleepless Malice
  6. Acid Mammoth- Cosmic Pyres