90 Day Men- We Blame Chicago
90 Day Men- We Blame Chicago

90 Day Men- We Blame Chicago

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Label: Numero 

Released 1/19/2024

90 Day Men spent a decade boldly in conflict with the world, catering to no one and careening toward its own abyss. Forged by Midwestern teens amid a late-90s spike in angular indie rock, the band wrote itself into the lexicon of Chicago music history. Eschewing trend and time, 90 Day Men was as ornate as it was alienating, transcending genre and embracing the strange. This 5LP set, remastered by Heba Kadry, collects the band’s three studio albums and a previously unreleased 2001 Peel Session, plus EPs, singles, and outtakes, all detailed within a 68-page oral history curated by Joan of Arc’s Tim Kinsella.

Track listing:

  1. Dialed In
  2. Missouri Kids Cuss
  3. From One Primadonna To Another
  4. Super Illuminary
  5. Hans Lucas
  6. Exploration Vs. Solution, Baby
  7. Sort Of Is A Country In Love
  8. Jupiter And Io
  9. I’ve Got Designs On You
  10. Last Night, A DJ Saved My Life
  11. Saint Theresa In Ecstasy
  12. We Blame Chicago
  13. Alligator
  14. A National Car Crash
  15. Even Time Ghost Can't Stop Wagner
  16. When Your Luck Runs Out
  17. Chronological Disorder
  18. Sequel
  19. Too Late Or Too Dead
  20. Silver And Snow
  21. Night Birds
  22. My Trip To Venus
  23. Sink Potemken
  24. Streamlines And Breadwinners
  25. Sweater Queen
  26. Hey, Citronella!
  27. From One Prima Donna To Another
  28. Studio Track Four
  29. Methodist
  30. To Everybody: Outtake #1
  31. To Everybody: Outtake #2
  32. Harlequin’s Chassis
  33. Eye’s On The Road
  34. Sort Of Is A Country In Love 
  35. Methodist 
  36. Hans Lucas 
  37. A National Car Crash