a-ha- Hunting High & Low
a-ha- Hunting High & Low

a-ha- Hunting High & Low

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Label: Warner

Reissued 10/6/2023, Originally released 1985

The debut studio album by the Norwegian new wave band A-ha. Released on 1 June 1985, the album was a huge commercial success selling more than 10 million units worldwide, peaking at number fifteen on the US Billboard 200 and reaching high positions on charts worldwide. The album was recorded at Eel Pie Studios in Twickenham, produced by Tony Mansfield, John Ratcliff and Alan Tarney.

Track listing:

  1. Take on Me 3:46
  2. Train of Thought 4:11
  3. Hunting High and Low 3:43
  4. The Blue Sky 2:22
  5. Living a Boy's Adventure Tale 5:00
  6. The Sun Always Shines on T.V. 5:06
  7. And You Tell Me 1:51
  8. Love Is Reason 3:04
  9. Dream Myself Alive 3:06
  10. Here I Stand and Face the Rain 4:30