Aaron Lee Tasjan- Stellar Evolution
Aaron Lee Tasjan- Stellar Evolution

Aaron Lee Tasjan- Stellar Evolution

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Label: Blue Elan

Released 4/12/2024

Whether it's slacker rock anthem "The Drugs Did Me", an autobiographical account of Aaron Lee's journey to sobriety, new wave raver "Alien Space Queen," which celebrates living outside the gender binary and Aaron Lee's bi-sexuality and queer identity, or shimmering synth power ballad "Dylan Shades," a celebration of those who carry their pain with love, Aaron Lee's songs claim space and shine bright. This is Aaron Lee's most fully realized project to date, marking a culmination of Aaron Lee's unique artistic voyage, from glam rock side person in the orbit of the New York Dolls and Lady Gaga, to breakout GRAMMY nominated Nashville singer-songwriter releasing a series of critically acclaimed albums, writing alongside some of Nashville's established and emerging stars like Yola, Natalie Hemby and Mya Byrne, to now fully embracing his singular sound and making his most personal album to date.

Track listing:

  1. Alien Space Queen
  2. The Drugs Did Me
  3. Dylan Shades
  4. Horror of It All
  5. Pants
  6. Ocean Drive
  7. Nightmare
  8. I Love America Better Than You
  9. Roll Your Windows Down
  10. Bird
  11. Cry Till You're Laughing
  12. Young