Al Wilson- Show & Tell
Al Wilson- Show & Tell

Al Wilson- Show & Tell

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Label: Reel

Reissued 1/20/2023, Originally released 1973

Released in 1973, this record was the first Al Wilson LP for the Rocky Road label. The hit title track ‘Show and Tell’ shot to the top of the US pop charts, and also reached top ten in the R&B charts. Due to some poor business decisions by his label, Wilson never truly got the credit he deserved as a contending hitmaker, but Hidle Brown Barnum’s arrangements here come packed with gritty horns, lustrous strings and sultry soul vocals. These 11 sides are certainly worth collecting for any true fan of mid-70s soul music.

Track listing:

  1. Show And Tell 
  2. I'm Out To Get You 
  3. Queen Of The Ghetto 
  4. Touch And Go 
  5. My Song 
  6. Broken Home 
  7. What You See 
  8. Love Me Gentle, Love Me Blind 
  9. Moonlightin' 
  10. For Cryin' Out Loud 
  11. A Song For You