Alex Chilton- High Priest

Alex Chilton- High Priest

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Label: Bar/None

Reissued 5/13/2022, Originally released 1987

"What it lacks in Polish, it more than makes up in charm, verve and just plain ol' soul. This could be what rock'n'roll is all about." Trouser Press - 1987's High Priest was the first full-length album since 1979's Like Flies On Sherbert from Big Star frontman Alex Chilton. Includes: "Dalai Lama", "Volare'' and "Let Me Get Close to You"

Track listing:

  1. Take It Off
  2. Let Me Get Close to You
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. Voltare
  5. Thing for You
  6. Forbidden Love
  7. Make a Little Love
  8. Trouble Don't Last
  9. Don't Be a Drag
  10. Nobody's Fool
  11. Come By Here
  12. Raunchy