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Algiers- Shook

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Label: Matador

Released 2/24/2023

Coming Feburary 24th Algiers returns with Shook, their first new music since 2020’s There Is No Year, called “a heady concoction of post-punk, ‘60s soul and political insight.” (NME ****) Shook features contributions from Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha, Boy Harsher’s Jae Matthews, Big Rube, billy woods, Backxwash, and many more. September’s standalone release of Shook single “Bite Back” was greeted by The FADER with a glowing “Song You Need” review: “A sober state of the union rallying cry for the revolution.”

Track listing:

  1. Shatter- ft. Big Rube Everybody
  2. Irreversible Damage- ft. Zack de la Rocha
  3. 73%
  4. Cleanse Your Guilt Here
  5. As It Resounds- ft. Big Rube
  6. Bite Back- ft. Billy Woods & Backxwash
  7. Tragedy- ft. Mark Cisneros Out of Style
  8. Comment #2
  9. A Good Man
  10. I Can't Stand It!- ft. Samuel T. Herring & Jae Matthews
  11. All You See Is
  12. Green Iris
  13. Born- ft. Latoya Kent
  14. Cold World- ft. Nadah El Shazly
  15. Something Wrong
  16. An Echophonic Soul- ft. Deforrest Brown Jr. & Patrick Shiroishi
  17. Momentary - ft. Lee Bains