Alice In Chains- MTV Unplugged

Alice In Chains- MTV Unplugged

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Label: Music On Vinyl

Reissued 2010, originally released 1996

European Import

Caught between heavy metal and grunge, Alice in Chains was a powerhouse band in the early 1990 's. Going acoustic seemed contrary to the band's very nature, but they were game to give it a try for MTV's famous show. Although their records dominated the charts for the first half of the decade, Alice in Chains had not performed a single concert since 1993. Given how good they sound together on this double LP cut during their performance on April 10, 1996, it is hard to believe they hadn't played a live concert together in 3 years. Reissued on 180-gram audiophile vinyl, Alice in Chains' "MTV Unplugged" is a strong performance worth repeat listening. It is no surprise the original album peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Track Listing:

  1. Nutshell (4:58)
  2. Brother (5:27)
  3. No Excuses (4:57)
  4. Sludge Factory (4:36)
  5. Down in a Hole (5:38)
  6. Angry Chair (4:36)
  7. Rooster (6:31)
  8. Got Me Wrong (4:59)
  9. Heaven Beside You (5:38)
  10. Would? (3:43)
  11. Frogs (7:30)
  12. Over Now (7:12)
  13. The Killer Is Me (5:23)