Alkaline Trio- Good Mourning (Deluxe Edition)

Alkaline Trio- Good Mourning (Deluxe Edition)

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Label: Vagrant

Reissued 6/9/2023, Originally released 2003

Good Mourning is the handsome if dark-eyed offspring of the deliberately melodic From Here to Infirmary LP and Alkaline Trio's more raucous earlier work. Whether or not the band 'sold out' (or whatever) when Infirmary arrived with the stamp of ambitious indie Vagrant, the set nevertheless seemed forced. For Good Mourning, Derek Grant replaces Mike Felumlee behind the kit, joining the grating-like-gouda voices and ringing guitars of Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano on the AT's second Vagrant outing. It's an album that kills with catchiness. Deluxe Limited Edition Explicit Content

Track listing:

  1. This Could Be Love
  2. We've Had Enough
  3. One Hundred Stories
  4. Continental 
  5. All On Black 
  6. Emma 
  7. Fatally Yours 
  8. Every Thug Needs A Lady 
  9. Blue Carolina 
  10. Donner Party (All Night) 
  11. If We Never Go Inside 
  12. Blue In The Face