Alt-J- The Dream

Alt-J- The Dream

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Label: Atlantic

Released 2/11/2022

British indie rockers Alt-J have announced their fourth studio album The Dream. It’s the band’s first new musical offering in four years, since the release of 2017’s Relaxer, with the Mercury Prize-winning group seemingly returning to the guitar-driven sonic direction that informed the band’s first two albums – An Awesome Wave (2012) and This Is All Yours (2014). Said to explore a mixture of true-crime-inspired stories and tales from Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, as well as a number of personally charged moments, The Dream promises unparalleled experimentation and a mature continuation of the band's "dazzling instrumentation".

Track listing:

  1. Bane
  2. U&Me
  3. Hard Drive Gold
  4. Happier When You're Gone
  5. The Actor
  6. Get Better
  7. Chicago
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Walk a Mile
  10. Delta
  11. Losing My Mind
  12. Powders