Amanda Shires- To The Sunset

Amanda Shires- To The Sunset

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Label: Silver Knife

Released 8/3/18

'It's all rock & roll - no golf!' is how acclaimed singer/songwriter/violinist Amanda Shires describes her electrifying firth album, To The Sunset. She's borrowed a lyric from the effervescent track 'Break Out the Champagne,' one of 10 deftly crafted songs that comprise her powerful new recording. The Texas-born road warrior, new mom, and recently minted MFA in creative writing has mined a range of musical influences to revel an Amanda Shires many didn't know existed. 'Isn't it refreshing?' Shires asks. Indeed. Distorted electric guitars, effects pedals, swirling keys and synths, and rockin' rhythms certainly suit Shire's visceral songcraft and lilting soprano.

Track Listing:

  1. Parking Lot Pirouette
  2. Swimmer
  3. Leave It Alone
  4. Charms
  5. Eve's Daughter
  6. Break Out the Champagne
  7. Take on the Dark
  8. White Feather
  9. Mirror, Mirror
  10. Wasn't I Paying Attention