Angels & Airwaves- Love Pt. 2

Angels & Airwaves- Love Pt. 2

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Label: Rise

Reissued 1/20/2023, Originally released 2011

Love: Part Two is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Angels and Airwaves, released November 11, 2011, via the band's own label, To the Stars Records. It follows 2010's Love, and its release coincides with that of the band's Love feature film, which includes music from the album. The first single from the album and respective music video, "Anxiety", was released on August 11, 2011. "Surrender" impacted radio on January 31, 2012. It is the final album to feature Atom Willard as the band's drummer and Matt Wachter as the band's bassist. It is also the last album to feature guitarist David Kennedy until his return in 2018.

Track listing:

  1. Saturday Love 
  2. Surrender 
  3. Anxiety 
  4. My Heroine (It's Not Over) 
  5. Moon As My Witness 
  6. Dry Your Eyes 
  7. The Revelator 
  8. Clever Love 
  9. Inertia 
  10. Behold A Pale Horse 
  11. All That We Are