Angry Samoans- Inside My Brain

Angry Samoans- Inside My Brain

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Label: Nickel & Dime / Triple X

Reissued 7/15/2022, Originally released 1980

RED VINYL! "Inside My Brain" is the debut record of the Angry Samoans, originally released in 1980. Rising from the ashes of VOM - a semi-serious venture including Gregg Turner and Metal Mike Saunders, both rock writers, and legendary rock critic Richard Meltzer - the Angry Samoans unleashed a torrent of hard-driving, brief, lyrically lucid songs that struck a tone both political and humorous. This synthesis of fun and anger became the foundation for an entire movement's musical voice.

Track listing:

  1. Right Side Of My Mind
  2. Gimme Sopor
  3. Hot Cars
  4. Inside My Brain
  5. You Stupid Asshole
  6. Get Off The Air