Anjou- Epithymia

Anjou- Epithymia

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Label: Kranky

Released 2017

Ambient power duo ANJOU’s sophomore statement continues in the vein of their 2014 debut, unfurling a full hour of mesmeric synthetic drift and veiled melodic undertow. Comprised of Mark Nelson (of pioneering post-rock experimentalists LABRADFORD and PAN·AMERICAN) and Robert Donne (of LABRADFORD, AIX EM KLEMM CRISTAL), the group works largely in long-form suites of sound, alternately spacious and dense. Epithymia’s six pieces embrace flux and ambiguity: drones swell and shudder, hushed currents of noise glitch and dissolve, atmospheres congeal and liquify. As with the participants’ prior projects, ANJOU evokes a shadowed, mysterious mood, variously melancholy and transcendent. The album is an accumulation of craftsmanship and experience, blurred forms traced in light and fog.

Track Listing:

  1. Culcinae 14:37
  2. Greater Grand Crossing 4:04
  3. Soucouyant 10:52
  4. An Empty Bank 13:20
  5. Glamr 3:38
  6. Georgia 11:15