Antarctica- 81:03
Antarctica- 81:03

Antarctica- 81:03

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Label: Solid Brass

Reissued 9/22/2023, Originally released 1999

After the demise of Denver emo legends, Christie Front Drive, singer/guitarist Eric Richter moved to Brooklyn and started Antarctica with other members from the scene. Despite just a few releases to their name they gathered a large cult following. Originally released as a 2xCD in 1999 on File 13 Records, 81:03 is an expansive and textured example of electronic-infused shoegaze music blending the swooning, syncopated pop of New Order, the dark chill of Pornography-era Cure, the hypnotic pulse of Underworld, and the guitar harmonies of Ride and For Against. Almost 25 years later, 81:03 still feels fresh; like a modern soundtrack for those seeking moments of beauty in an increasingly troubled world. Newly remastered and finally available on vinyl for the first time, Antarctica will appeal to fans of early Cure, The Church, Washed Out, Tycho, Christie Front Drive, Mineral, The Gloria Record, etc.

Track listing:

  1. Absence
  2. Tower Of Silence
  3. The Velvet Flood
  4. Return To Omma Dawn
  5. The Chrome Selected
  6. Ultra Nørsk
  7. Hallucinus
  8. Tektur The Water
  9. Exisis
  10. 7759-60784-1-E
  11. Arctikal