Anti- I Don't Want To Die In Your War

Anti- I Don't Want To Die In Your War

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Label: Radiation 

Reissued 2018, Originally released 1982

Italian Import

Part of the late '70s/early '80s HC/punk explosion out of the Los Angeles area, where bands like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minutemen, and Bad Religion originated from, ANTI formed in 1979 by a then teenage Danny Phillips, better known as Danny Dean, who was the bassist / guitarist and first original vocalist, primary songwriter, and sole continuous member throughout multiple lineup changes during the past 40 years. Their 1982 debut album, I Don't Want To Die In Your War, was recorded and mixed by legendary producer and sound engineer for Black Flag and Descendents, SPOT. It is a major example of California Hardcore from the early 80's. Despite having been completely underrated, ANTI's 1982 debut paved the way for a lot of California punk to come. Available again for the first time after almost four decades on its original format, with its original artwork and complete with insert thanks to Radiation Records.

Track listing:

  1. I'm Going Insane
  2. The Cycle
  3. Streets
  4. What Do You Do
  5. Fight War Not Wars
  6. Acid Test
  7. I Don't Want To Die In Your War
  8. New Underground
  9. Pushed Around
  10. I Hate You
  11. Poseur