Anti-Nowhere Leage- We Are... The League

Anti-Nowhere Leage- We Are... The League

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Label: Drastic Plastic

Reissued/Remastered 2013

In 1982, there were few British bands that better embodied the punk ethos than the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE. Their LP We Are...The League is perhaps the best chronicling of punk's raw energy, humor and visceral rage in an era when early punk bands had either disbanded (The SEX PISTOLS) or found a softer, more radio-friendly style (The CLASH). The ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE was part of the legendary 1981 Apocalypse Punk Tour, along with DISCHARGE, The EXPLOITED, CHRON GEN and others.

Track Listing:

  1. We're the League
  2. Animal
  3. Woman
  4. Can't Stand Rock'n'roll
  5. (We Will) Not Remember You
  6. Snowman
  7. Streets of London
  8. I Hate... People
  9. 'Reck a Nowhere
  10. World War III
  11. Nowhere Man
  12. Let's Break the Law (Remix)