Arca- Kick Iiii

Arca- Kick Iiii

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Label: XL Recordings

Released 6/3/2022

With Kick IIII, the cycle resolves, and a new species of xenopop emerges, sensual and serene. Arca's talents as a composer and sound designer take the lead on closing track "Paw," setting melodies to drift on deep, gentle waves of orchestral ambience, an oceanic bliss. On Kick IIII, the ambient ecstasy transitions swiftly into lullaby-like compositions as we come to the conclusion of the Kick series; the renewal stage.

Track listing:

  1. Whoresong
  2. Esuna
  3. Xenomorphgirl
  4. Queer
  5. Witch
  6. Hija
  7. Boquifloja
  8. Alien Inside
  9. Altar
  10. Lost Woman Found
  11. Paw