Armor For Sleep- The Rain Museum

Armor For Sleep- The Rain Museum

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Label: Equal Vision

Released 10/14/2022

"We are very excited to share our album, The Rain Museum with everyone. Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic and at the start of our collective lockdown, I made it my mission to finish writing a concept album that I had the idea for many years but was never able to bring to life. 'The Rain Museum' was initially a short story I wrote many years ago about a post-apocalyptic Earth and a mysterious museum in the middle of the desert. Weaving the story into an album was going to be my quarantine project. Unfortunately, my marriage of nearly eight years and basically my entire life fell apart as I was beginning the writing process. The one thing I had in my life to divert my attention from what I was going through was the creative process of writing that album... so I decided to push through and keep working on the record... but something weird happened. Because I couldn't ignore what I was going through personally, I wound up writing myself and what I was going through into the story of the album and into the world I had been creating for this concept record. In the end, it's an album about facing some of the most painful parts of being human and how lost we can get. I just hope it will speak to people going through their own dark times, as my favorite art certainly helped me get through mine."

Track listing:

  1. The Rain Museum 
  2. How Far Apart 
  3. See You On The Other Side 
  4. World Burn Down 
  5. In This Nightmare Together 
  6. New Rainbows 
  7. I'm Not Myself 
  8. Whatever, Who Cares 
  9. Rather Drown 
  10. A Teardrop (On The Surface Of The Sun) 
  11. Tomorrow Faded Away 
  12. Spinning Through Time