Ashnikko- Demidevil

Ashnikko- Demidevil

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Label: Parlophone

Released 1/15/21

"I just like being a little demon - a little devil hellraiser," Ashnikko giggles, her voice both razor-sharp and feather-light. The London-based American artist is describing the concept behind her new mixtape Demidevil, the cover art of which shows her as a dragon being ridden by a demidevil version of herself. It's just like everything Ashnikko does: as real as it is surreal, and as terrifying as it is hilarious. "It sheds light on the polarity of my songs - some are tender and sweet, and some are more intense. The songs are very different, and Demidevil brings them together.

Track Listing:

  1. Daisy
  2. Toxic
  3. Deal with It (Feat. Kelis)
  4. Slumber Party (Feat. Princess Nokia)
  5. Drunk with My Friends
  6. Little Boy
  7. Cry (Feat. Grimes)
  8. L8R Boi
  9. Good While It Lasted
  10. Clitoris! the Musical