Asphixiation- What Is This Thing Called Disco

Asphixiation- What Is This Thing Called Disco

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Label: Chapter Music

Reissued 2017, originally released 1980

Chapter is excited to announce the first ever reissue of "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?", a landmark Australian post-punk artefact originally released in 1981 as an LP with accompanying 12" single. One of the first records from the Australian underground to incorporate disco elements into the reigning post-punk asethetic, "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?" sits alongside records by international counterparts like FLYING LIZARDS or YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA in its combination of art school formalism and dancefloor hedonism. Melbourne artist Philip Brophy is best known for his work with 70s/80s art-punk provocateurs TSK TSK TSK (pronounced with three clicks of the tongue). Asked to stage an exhibition in Melbourne in 1980, Brophy decided to put disco into an art gallery context. He created 'fake' band ASPHIXIATION to mime on stage along to tape, and recorded "What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?" as the backing tracks. In 1981, iconic Melbourne label Missing Link released a two song 12", and later that year the band released the album themselves, repressing the 12" and including it in the package. 36 years later, Chapter has lovingly remastered and reissued the album + single package, with new liner notes and photos.

Track Listing:

  1. The Beat Aesthetic
  2. Feelings
  3. Asphixiation
  4. Blurred Movement
  5. Hunger-Food-Nausea
  6. Innocent Rhythms
  7. Aural Risk
  8. Traditional Europe
  9. Self Denial (Is A Beautiful Thing)
  10. African Disco Queen
  11. L'Acrostique D'Amour
  12. The Crush