Assassinator- Deadman Double Tap

Assassinator- Deadman Double Tap

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Label: Self-released

Released 11/17/2023

"The second AssassinatoR offering brought by local musician Jonny North under a one-piece full-blown metal project. This time around not only does the production values take a massive step up from the previous LP, but the death/groove metal influences become much more apparent in the songwriting style. The CD itself features two bonus tracks of which are covers of Damageplan's 'New Found Power' and Godflesh's 'Spite'. This album is a good listen for fans of 90s metal and the likes of Morbid Angel, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Godflesh, & Decapitated

Track listing:

  1. Headfirst Into The Blade Machine
  2. Rage / Regicide
  3. Mechanical Martyrdom
  4. Forged Soul Coil
  5. The Deadman
  6. Hellskull
  7. Feeding The Flies
  8. Overtime Procrastination
  9. Target Locked
  10. Bloodexpedition