Assassinator- Destroying Despots

Assassinator- Destroying Despots

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Label: Assassinator

Released 2022

One-piece thrash metal act, Jonny North, from Normal, Illinois. The context of "AssassinatoR" revolves around relating to the woes of livelihoods for those near the bottom of the hierarchy of positions of earnings and authority. The emotions of desire for retribution are articulated through musicianship and lyrical content, of which are perceived to be relatable for those in the same place in life. The goal is that the songs can be distinctive and catchy, yet pleasing to even the most underground of listeners."

Track listing:

  1. The Canceler
  2. Bureaus Of Biowar
  3. Shot Clank Dream
  4. Ruststorm
  5. Empire Of Egomania
  6. Subdue Ethos
  7. Deliverance Via Immolation
  8. Toil In Calamity
  9. Atomic Samsara
  10. Ultimate Penance
  11. Angry Again (Megadeath Cover)