Audacity- Hyper Vessels

Audacity- Hyper Vessels

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Label: Suicide Squeeze

Released 2016

From the opening bedlam of barnburner “Counting The Days,” AUDACITY demonstrate that while their songwriting has become more nuanced, their delivery has gotten more savagely precise. With recording duties handled by longtime friend and tour-mate TY SEGALL, AUDACITY sound like they've finally found someone who can capture the frenetic drive of a song like “Hypo,” the off-kilter hook of “Riot Train,” the undeniable melodic appeal of “Fire,” and the cowpunk influence of “Previous Cast.” It can be tricky to juggle the bubblegum with the piss-and-vinegar, but it's a duality Audacity embraces.

Track Listing:

  1. Counting The Days
  2. Not Like You
  3. Riot Train
  4. Umbrellas
  5. Baseball
  6. Dirty Boy
  7. Hypo
  8. Fire
  9. Previous Cast
  10. Overated
  11. Awake
  12. Lock On The Door