Aurora- The Gods We Can Touch

Aurora- The Gods We Can Touch

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Label: Glassnote

Released 5/6/2022

The Gods We Can Touch is an elegant and celestial but provocative album about shame, desire and morality, all seen through the narrative prism of Greek mythology. In each of the album's fifteen songs we meet a different god. Featuring lead single "Cure For Me," the album is ultimately "a celebration of being human, and what makes us human."

Track listing:

  1. The Forbidden Fruits of Eden
  2. Everything Matters
  3. Giving Into the Love
  4. Cure for Me
  5. You Keep Me Crawling
  6. Exist for Love
  7. Heathens
  8. The Innocent
  9. Exhale, Inhale
  10. A Temporary High
  11. A Dangerous Thing
  12. Artemis
  13. Blood in the Wine
  14. This Could Be a Dream
  15. A Little Place Called the Moon