Autechre- Sign
Autechre- Sign

Autechre- Sign

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Label: Warp

Released 10/16/20

After their music has undergone what could be called a growth spurt in recent years, the acrid plasma of their complex, hyper-inorganic systems feels to congeal, create more intricate snaps across the album, from the lush cosmic collisions of 'M4 Lema', to the rhizomic arp weaving on 'F7', while refining their tendons and muscle in the gyrostep of 'au14' and 'such. mefd2'. The anthropomorphisation of their synthesis accelerates with the album's 2nd half with the elegiac catharsis of 'Metaz form8' displaying a greater emotional intelligence, while their shapeshifting synthesis grows semblances of glowing hair and teeth and skin in 'th red a', and even a plaintive human heartache in the systolic thud and bloo pads of 'psin AM' that rawly bleeds out in the album's future classic closer 'r cazt'.

Track listing:

  1. M4 Lema
  2. F7
  3. si00
  4. esc desc
  5. au14
  6. Metaz form8
  7. sch.mefd 2
  8. gr4
  9. th red a
  10. psin AM
  11. r cazt