Author & Punisher- Krüller

Author & Punisher- Krüller

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Label: Relapse

Released 2/11/2022

 Author & Punisher has returned after a three-year gap with a mind-blowing album in Krüller. Wielding upgraded machines, a new sensory stratagem, and a crafty curation of top-tier collaborators, proprietor Tristan Shone emerged from the time off refined and re-tooled. Krüller is hoisted defiantly on breakouts "Incinerator," "Drone Carrying Dread," "Maiden Star," but menaces profoundly on "Blacksmith," "Centurion," and the title track. These are anthems for the decay and self-absorption of today. To date, Author & Punisher has seven lauded full-lengths and one EP, the latest of which is Krüller. Shone's unconventional yet assiduous methods with music and machine have landed crucial collaborations with Pantera/Down vocalist Philip H. Anselmo, Perturbator's James Kent, and Tool's Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor, who appear on Krüller tracks "Misery" and "Centurion," respectively.

Track listing:

  1. Drone Carrying Dread 
  2. Centurion
  3. Maiden Star
  4. Misery
  5. Glorybox
  6. Blacksmith