Autonomy / Doom Town Split

Autonomy / Doom Town Split

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Label: Trend Is Dead

Released 10/29/13

AUTONOMY  = CRASS ideals with a JOY DIVISION mood, from Carbondale. DOOM TOWN = X  meets WIPERS, gloom punx from St. Louis . AUTONOMY covers "Doom Town" (WIPERS), DOOM TOWN covers "Autonomy" (BUZZCOCKS). LIMITED TOUR EDITION OF 500 ON SPLIT COLOR VINYL. w/ download card + 8x11 lyric booklet. Support a local label!

Track Listing:

AUtONOMY side:
01. Same Suit, Different Color
02. Territories
03. Bellamy Salutes
04. False Consciousness
05. Uncanny Valley
06. Doom Town [Wipers cover]

07. Eternal Stare
08. Fatal Times
09. Rat Says
10. Outside
11. Revenge
12. Autonomy [Buzzcocks cover]