Aweful- Me Me Me

Aweful- Me Me Me

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Label: Beercan

Released 2019

"Local rock scenester Traci Trouble is back, leading a brand new super trio with Lucy Dekay of Mystery Actions on guitar and Izzy Price from Velcro Lewis Group slamming the kit. AWEFUL brew the kind of three-chord power trio badassery of your youth, with plenty of snark and brassy vocal chops to go around. At just five tracks, their debut EP blows by like a wrecking ball of rock destruction, with the highlight title track the only tune to bust the four minute mark. Shades of psych rock poke through on “Lucid Dream” from Dekay’s effect-laden jams, and the grungy feel of closer “Bleeding Heart” takes us back to the L7 cassettes we wore out in highschool. On the lookout for a new rocking addiction? Give ME ME ME a spin."

Track listing:

  1. Why 
  2. Me Me Me 
  3. Lucid Dream 
  4. I Never Knew 
  5. Blessing Heart