B.B. King- Easy Listening Blues

B.B. King- Easy Listening Blues

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Label: Pan Am

Reissued 2019, Originally released 1962

This collector's release includes B.B. King's all-instrumental 1962 LP Easy Listening Blues, which marks King's tenth budget-priced album. The album title is a bit misleading, considering that King, who might be smooth and urbane in some respects, rarely recorded music that could be categorized as "easy listening." Although this material is lesser known than the bulk of King's popular repertoire, it is in no way inferior. The blues giant imbues each number with a spectrum of moods, ranging from a subdued quality ("Blues for Me" and "Walkin'") to highly charged intensity ("Rambler" and "Shoutin' the Blues"). 

Track listing:

  1. Easy Listening Blues
  2. Blues For Me
  3. Night Long
  4. Confessin' 
  5. Don't Touch
  6. Talkin' The Blues
  7. Slow Walk
  8. Walkin'
  9. Hully Gully
  10. Shoutin' The Blues
  11. Rambler
  12. 3 O'Clock Stomp (aka Poontwangie)