B.B. King- My Kind of Blues

B.B. King- My Kind of Blues

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Label: Wax Time

Reissued 2014, Originally released 1960

DOL reissues B.B's sixth studio album from 1961, which according to his biographer is KING's personal favorite among his recordings. Unlike most of his albums from this period this was recorded in one session and takes him out of his usual big band setting, using only bass, drums, and piano

Track listing:

  1. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  2. Mr. Pawnbroker
  3. Understand
  4. Someday Baby
  5. Driving Wheel
  6. The Fool (Bonus Track)
  7. Walking Dr. Bill
  8. My Own Fault, Baby
  9. Catfish Blues
  10. Hold That Train
  11. Please Set the Date
  12. I'll Survive (Bonus Track)