Backyard Tire Fire- Black Dirt Blue Sky

Backyard Tire Fire- Black Dirt Blue Sky

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Label: Royal Potato

Released 9/10/2021

*LOCAL* The rebirth of Backyard Tire Fire springs forth with an undeniable burst of musical energy. Fans will cheer the band’s return the way families celebrate a long-awaited reunion. The Midwestern guitar rock unit is back with “Black Dirt Blue Sky,” their first collection of new recordings in 10 years. The music radiates a spirit of renewal, like a John Deere tractor turning over a patch of rich soil. And the musicians pack more passion into the material than a team of horses in their prime, eager to work. The recordings show how much bandmates Edward David Anderson, Matt Anderson, Scott Tipping and John Ganser are happy to play new songs together after a decade-long hiatus.

Track listing:

  1. Carefree Kids
  2. Little Wren
  3. Alejandro Escovedo
  4. Truck Stop Shower (ft Garrison Starr)
  5. House Of Cards