Bastards Of Soul- Give It Right Back

Bastards Of Soul- Give It Right Back

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Label: Eastwood Music Group

Released 11/17/2023

Bastards of Soul return with their 3rd album "Give It Right Back", the last chapter in the band's story following the untimely death of their lead singer Chadwick Murray in 2021. The set features "This Love", a song written by Chadwick and although he was never able to record the song, Keite Young (who performed the stunning cover of "Like A Ship" with Leon Bridges) stepped in with a beautiful rendition that Chadwick would be proud of. Also featured on the album are Daptone recording artist The Sha La Das and Colemine recording artist Ghost Funk Orchestra.

Track listing:

  1. This Love
  2. Try a Little Love
  3. While It's Hot
  4. Woman of Hell
  5. It's Gonna Be Alright
  6. You Let Me Down Again
  7. Bitterness
  8. BBQ in Paris
  9. The Truth Won't Change Your Mind