Bat Fangs- Queen Of My World

Bat Fangs- Queen Of My World

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Label: Don Giovanni

Released 10/29/2021

Born of a shared love of hair metal, partying, and the reckless spirit of rock and roll, East Coast duo Bat Fangs brings a nostalgic combination of shredderistic guitars and heavily harmonized hooks. Guitarist/vocalist Betsy Wright (Ex Hex) and drummer Laura King (Flesh Wounds, COLD CREAM) united after playing a show together in their respective projects, with the goal of pushing Wright’s pop focused songwriting in a bolder, brasher direction. Their sophomore LP, Queen of My World is a reeling, rocking mass of guitar and vocals that serves as both a reclamation and a reevaluation of a sound that was once a breeding ground for a particularly egregious brand of cock rock dude-bro. Paying tribute to the sounds of their youth while offering an alternative to an era of music that deified toxic masculinity as a core value, Wright and King represent a new model of Rock Stardom that’s less about the Stars and more about the Rock.

Track listing:

  1. Action
  2. Queen Of My World
  3. Talk Tough
  4. Lightning Hand
  5. Psychic Eye
  6. Third Eye Vision
  7. Supernatural
  8. In The Water
  9. Into The Weave