Bathory- Jubileum Vol. II

Bathory- Jubileum Vol. II

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Label: Black Mark

Released 3/10/15

Jubileum Volume II is a compilation album by Bathory. It features the absolute highlights from the career of Sweden's trailblazing Bathory - a band not only responsible for launching Scandinavia's black metal scene, but for inventing the often intersecting subgenre of Viking metal. Jubileum Volume II was preceded by Jubileum Volume I (1992) and succeeded by Jubileum Volume III (1998)

Track Listing:

  1. The Return of the Darkness and Evil 4:58
  2. Burnin' Leather 3:53
  3. One Rode to Asa Bay 9:20
  4. The Golden Walls of Heaven 5:23
  5. Call from the Grave 4:57
  6. Die in Fire 3:37
  7. Shores in Flames 10:43
  8. Possessed 2:40
  9. Raise the Dead 3:40
  10. Total Destruction 3:51
  11. Bond of Blood 7:37
  12. Twilight of the Gods