Beat Happening- You Turn Me On
Beat Happening- You Turn Me On

Beat Happening- You Turn Me On

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Label: Domino

Reissued 11/11/2022, Originally released 1992

Produced by Stuart Moxham & Steve Fisk. From the hypnotic, elegiac pulse of “Tiger Trap” to the meditative tone poem of “Godsend,” the quiet maturity and melodic confidence of You Turn Me On makes it a bittersweet swansong, but what a way to go out. On the first day of a tour across the country we stopped at Tombstone Music in Clackamas, Oregon. Fred Cole assisted Bret to acquire a guitar amplifier he had his eye upon. Heather was much taken by the Fender Coronado 12-string electric guitar. It was purchased and this led to our "two guitar” approach. You Turn Me On is the result. — Calvin Johnson

Track listing:

1. Tiger Trap 
2. Noise 
3. Pinebox Derby 
4. Teenage Caveman 
5. Sleepy Head 
6. You Turn Me On 
7. Godsend 
8. Hey Day 
9. Bury The Hammer