Bibio- Bib10
Bibio- Bib10

Bibio- Bib10

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Label: Warp

Released 10/21/2022

Virtuosic producer and multi-instrumentalist Bibio presents BIB10, his tenth studio album, with Warp Records. Crafted from a small village in the English Midlands, the record showcases new genre-blending territories. The 11 tracks capture Bibio’s continued influence from Brazilian guitar and 90’s French house, then veer into deeper funk and soul stylings than he’s ever released before.

Track listing:

  1. Off Goes The Light 
  2. Potion
  3. Sharratt
  4. Rain And Shine
  5. S.O.L.
  6. Cinnamon Cinematic
  7. Even More Excuses
  8. A Sanctimonious Song
  9. Lost Somewhere 
  10. Phonograph
  11. Fools