Big Bill Broonzy - The Best of Big Bill Broonzy

Big Bill Broonzy - The Best of Big Bill Broonzy

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Label: Not Now Music

Released 2020

Big Bill Broonzy was at the heart of the Chicago blues scene during it's early years and his popularity would last until his death in 1958. His gentle brand of country blues had, by then, been overshadowed by a new generation of showy, electrified bluesmen, but his contribution to the tradition in linking the Mississippi delta blues of Robert Johnson with the Chicago sound of Muddy Waters and others is one that remains recognised and revered today.

Track Listing:

  1. Key To The Highway 3:03
  2. House Rent Stomp 3:20
  3. John Henry 3:18
  4. Midnight Special 2:52
  5. C.C. Rider 3:18
  6. Willie Mae Blues 2:50
  7. Big Bill Blues 2:59 
  8. South Bound Train 3:02
  9. Take This Ole' Hammer 2:55
  10. Wee Wee Hours 3:00
  11. Guitar Shuffle 3:19
  12. Little City Woman 2:48
  13. Water Coast Blues 3:28
  14. Lonesome Road Blues 3:15