Big Brave- Au De La

Big Brave- Au De La

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Label: Southern Lord

Released 2015

Second full-length, Au de la lulls and lurches between passages of rhythmic noise pollution and vocal led awe, using considered juxtapositions of force and restraint to warp the senses across the forty-five minute playing time. Remarkably quiet at times, their ambiance is not one of minimalism, but of dawning, foreboding power with the need to be vented, and when the hot flushes of blighted percussion and monochromatic guitar scrapes arrive, they arrive with triumphant force. Special guest Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra) lends her hand on a few of the album's five tracks, casting shimmering nets of violin across the band's turbulent passages.

Track Listing:

  1. On the By and By and Thereon
  2. Look at How the Wiorld Has Made a Change
  3. Do. No. Harm. Do. No. Wrong. Do. No. Harm. Do. No. Wrong. Do. No. Harm. Do. No. Wrong
  4. And As the Waters Go
  5. (Re)Collection Part