Big Business- The Beast You Are

Big Business- The Beast You Are

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Label: Joyful Noise

Released 4/12/19

The Beast You Are, the new album from L.A.'s BIG BUSINESS, delivers 10 doses of uncategorizably heavy rock music. From the ominous death march of "The Moor You Know" to the soaring "Let Them Grind" to the delicate, ethereal "Under Everest," the band continues to defy listeners' expectations. There are hints of MELVINS, TORCHE, and Tad, but drummer Coady Willis (MURDER CITY DEVILS) and bassist/vocalist Jared Warren (KARP) bring their own offkilter sensibilities to the genre. The two formed BIG BUSINESS in 2004, and their idiosyncrasies soon caught the attention of The MELVINS. Together they recorded three albums, an EP, and various songs between 2006 and 2016, all while maintaining their own identity as BIG BUSINESS. They also picked up guitarists Toshi Kasai and Scott Martin along the way, but on 2016's Command Your Weather, they returned to their core duo format. They remain in that lineup for this, their sixth full length: The Beast You Are.

Track Listing:

  1. Abdominal Snowman
  2. Heal the Weak
  3. Complacency Is Killing You
  4. Bright Grey
  5. Time and Heat
  6. The Moor You Know
  7. People Behave
  8. We Can Swarm
  9. El Pollo
  10. We'll Take the Good Package
  11. Last Family
  12. Under Everest
  13. Let Them Grind