Big Joanie- Back Home

Big Joanie- Back Home

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Label: Kill Rock Stars

Released 11/4/2022

Big Joanie is back with their sophomore record Back Home. Recorded at Hermitage Works Studios in North London, the album was produced and mixed by Margo Broom (Goat Girl, Fat White Family). Back Home is a dramatic leap forward for the band; the band build on their tightly knit, lo-fi punk formula to bring forth a collage of blazing guitars, down tempo dance punk, and melancholic strings that evoke the full depth of the band's expansive art punk vision.

Track listing:

  1. Cactus Tree
  2. Taut
  3. Confident Man
  4. What Are You Waiting For?
  5. In My Arms
  6. Your Words
  7. Count to Ten
  8. Happier Still
  9. Insecure
  10. Today
  11. I Will
  12. In My Arms (Reprise)
  13. Sainted