Biosphere- Departed Glories

Biosphere- Departed Glories

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Label: Smalltown Sounds

Released 2016

It’s easy to forget that Norway shares a short stretch of frontier with Russia, right at the northernmost tip of the country. That region is where GEIR JENSSEN, the Norwegian electronic producer behind BIOSPHERE, comes from, and where he has been composing his austere, disturbing and deeply textured ambience since the early 1980s. Biosphere has released many albums to date including Substrata, voted the greatest ambient album of all time on the Hyperreal website, and has collaborated with ARNE NORDHEIM, HIGHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, DEATHPROD, PETE NAMLOOK and BEL CANTO. His 12th album Departed Glories is his first in almost five years and marks a new deal with the Oslo independent label Smalltown Supersound.

Track Listing:

  1. Out Of The Cradle 2:16
  2. Wyll And Purpose 7:56
  3. Down On Ropes 3:12
  4. Free From The Bondage You Are In 2:15
  5. With Their Paddles In A Puddle 3:04
  6. Than Is The Mater 4:15
  7. Sweet Dreams Form A Shade 5:26
  8. Aura In The Kitchen With The Candlesticks 6:05
  9. Departed Glories 4:52
  10. Whole Forests Of Them Appearing 5:29
  11. Invariable Cowhandler 3:44
  12. Behind The Stove 1:38
  13. You Want To See It Too 3:52
  14. Good Case And Rest 3:17
  15. Tomorrow Then We Will Attend 2:08
  16. With Precious Benefits To Both 4:44
  17. Fall Asleep For Me 5:49