Imperial Triumphant- Spirit Of Ecstasy

Imperial Triumphant- Spirit Of Ecstasy

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Label: Century Media

Released 7/22/2022

Avantgarde Metal band IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT announce their 5th studio album “Spirit of Ecstasy”. The trio from New York manages to surpass their already brilliant recent longplayer “Alphaville” that has been released in 2020. Thereby IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT convince again with outstanding musical finesse and complex songwriting. Therefore, it is no wonder that "Spirit of Ecstasy" features some well-known guest musicians from the jazz and metal scene. This is a must have for all fans of complex and avantgarde metal. 

Track listing:

  1. Chump Change 

  2. Metrovertigo 

  3. Tower Of Glory, City Of Shame 

  4. Merkurius Gilded 

  5. Death On A Highway 

  6. In the Pleasure Of Their Company 

  7. Bezumnaya 

  8. Maximalist Scream