Black Marble- It's Immaterial

Black Marble- It's Immaterial

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Label: Ghostly International

Released 10/14/16

Pulling from the pre - "Simply Irresistible" days of early ROBERT PALMER and first wave pioneers such as SILICON TEENS, IRON CURTAIN, LIVES OF ANGELS, and SOLID SPACE, BLACK MARBLE dialed in on a clear understanding of its own specific sound, showcased most clearly on this new release with Stewart becoming more comfortable in being clear with what he's trying to say, both subjectively, in terms of the stories he's telling and the things he's willing to talk about, and object ively in terms of the lyrics and upfront vocals, while still experimenting with holding things back to produce a sound more claustrophobic and immediate.

Track Listing:

  1. Interdiction
  2. Iron Lung
  3. It's Conditional
  4. Woods
  5. A Million Billion Stars
  6. A Missing Sibling
  7. Frisk
  8. Self Guided Tours
  9. Collene
  10. Golden Heart
  11. Portland U