Black Prairie- Fortune

Black Prairie- Fortune

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Label: Sugar Hill

Released 2014

Black Prairie's third full-length record proves the band has outgrown it's roots as a casual side-project of indie folk band the Decemberists, solidifying into a primary, creative focus for it's members-a band with it's own internal momentum, genuine character and style. Black Prairie's music has been described as "the musical spirit that emanated from Big Pink in the late '60" (Washington Post) and somewhere "between John Ford and David Lynch, homespun tales with sinister sub-plots" (Uncut), but Fortune is an unexpected departure. This group of accomplished musicians from Portland, Oregon - each steeped in traditional American acoustic music - has written what is essentially a rock record, and sometimes with a pretty hard edge.

Track listing:

  1. The 84
  2. Kiss of Fate
  3. Let It Out
  4. Let Me Know Your Heart
  5. Fortune
  6. Trask
  7. If I Knew You Then
  8. Songs to Be Sung
  9. Cold Day
  10. Animal Inside
  11. The White Tundra
  12. Be Good
  13. Count to Ten