Blind Adam & The Federal League- An Act Of Desperation

Blind Adam & The Federal League- An Act Of Desperation

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Label: A-F

Released 9/16/2021

An Act of Desperation was recorded in October 2019 at Anti-Flag’s A-F Records studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with producer and engineer Chris “#2” Barker. Originally set to release in the summer of 2020, the band decided to put it on hold to focus on their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter uprisings, as well as the mutual aid project People’s Pizza Party in partnership with Brace Space Alliance, and focus on communities that were impacted by Covid-19. The recording is comprised of Adam Gogola (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Simotes (Bass/Vocals), Ellie Z (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Dan Alfonsi (Drums). They have respectively played in bands such as Article 57, The Night Brigade, Badwater Sound, and Still Alive.

Track listing:

  1. Drier Ground
  2. Whiskey Breath 
  3. If I Don't Make It Home 
  4. Black Jean Jacket 
  5. There Was A Ball Game 
  6. Is This A Nightmare Or A Joke? 
  7. Mansions On The Boulevard