Blind Channel- Exit Emotions

Blind Channel- Exit Emotions

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Label: Century Media

Released 3/1/2024

British-born singer-songwriter PIERS FACCINI’s fifth solo studio album, Between Dogs and Wolves, is an intimate suite of songs focusing on the themes of love and desire, Between Dogs and Wolves depicts the unknowable and indefinable spaces between these themes, spirit and animal, between the wild and the tamed. With several albums already behind him, FACCINI felt a strong calling to take his music to new places as yet unexplored. "I tried to work with several different aspects of the immense subject of love," he explains. "Some songs deal with the search for love or the quest for unity that we play out seeking a lover, other songs concern nostalgia and memory in the context of desire. I wanted to create a large, existential tableau around the subject of love, relationships, sexuality and desire. "The journey is a reflective one, a collection of soulful meditations. FACCINIs low-key vocal performances - described as "a whisper of grand mysteries" by The New York Times - are front and center in the mix, accompanied variously by double bass, guitar, cello, harmonium, dulcimer, kora, and echoes of analog electronica - all acoustic. FACCINI played and recorded all of the instruments himself, except the bass, which was played by longtime collaborator Jules Bikoko, and the cello, contributed by Dom la Nena (FACCINI co-produced la Nena's latest album Ela, now out on Six Degrees Records). Both musicians also supply harmony vocals. New York's WNYC radio praised FACCINI's "solid songwriting, understated guitar work, and smoky drawl," and All About Jazz has proclaimed, "PIERS FACCINI exudes confidence and charisma in both his singing and playing. His music is fresh and enjoyable, and is overdue for wider discovery by audiences in the United States." Between Dogs and Wolves marks a quantum leap in the artistry of PIERS FACCINI - along with it, the time for that wider discovery has surely arrived.

Track listing:

  1. Where's The Exit
  2. Deadzone
  3. Wolves In California
  4. Xoxo
  5. Keeping It Surreal
  6. Die Another Day
  7. Phobia
  8. Happy Doomsday
  9. Red Tail Lights
  10. Not Your Bro
  11. Flatline
  12. One Last Time...Again