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Bnny- Everything

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Label: Fire Talk

Released 10/29/2021

Everything, the debut album from Chicago quartet Bnny, may as well be a field recording taken from the lone country of grief. Written in sessions that span several years by singer Jess Viscius as she processed the death of her partner, the album is a chronicle of love at it's most complex and loss at it's most persistent. In the same vein as Sky Blue Sky-era Wilco or the harrowing vulnerability of Tomberlin or Helena Deland, Viscius' songwriting is evocative and intentional. A longstanding member of the Windy City music scene, the album was produced by Dehd's Jason Balla, and the sparse arrangements pick apart complicated truths while feeling both timeless and transcendent. Everything is out in September on Fire Talk (Dehd, Deeper, Mamalarky).

Track listing:

  1. Take That Back
  2. Time Walk 
  3. So Wrong 
  4. Sure 
  5. Not Even You 
  6. Blind
  7. Dreaming 
  8. Thaw 
  9. Little Flower
  10. Stardust
  11. Voice Memo