Bobby Rush- All My Love For You

Bobby Rush- All My Love For You

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Label: Deep Rush / Thirty Tigers

Released 8/18/2023

This summer, Bobby Rush returns with his 29th studio album All My Love For You. Steeped in his signature blues, southern soul, and funk-blues, Rush blends vivid storytelling about his life with comical metaphors about love and relationships. Across the album’s ten tracks, Rush puts the breadth of his songwriting capabilities on display and proclaims "I've got the shackles off my feet, chains off my mind” on the album opener "I'm Free” and "I'm the one who put the funk in the blues” on the single "I'm the One.” On tracks like "You Gonna Need a Man Like Me" and "One Monkey Can Stop A Show,” he digs into the nuance of love and relationships. After earning his second GRAMMY Award for his solo acoustic blues album Rawer than Raw in 2021, he leans into the soul and funky southern blues that he's known for.

Track listing:

  1. I'm Free
  2. Running in and Out
  3. I Want to
  4. One Monkey Can Stop a Show
  5. I Can't Stand It
  6. TV Mama
  7. I'll Do Anything for You
  8. I'm the One
  9. You're Gonna Need a Man Like Me
  10. I Got a Proposition for You